From ideas to accomplishments

Sales & Marketing

Alistair has created, crafted, and led Sales and Marketing teams for Luxury Hotel and Tour Operator companies, driving success and helping to forge brand identities.

As a Sales & Marketing consultant, he has performed services for:

  • Remote Lands. A company that specializes in luxury tailor made tours all over Asia.
  • Rocksure, which offers lifestyle investment funds in luxury villas and apartments around the world, but particularly in Europe and the Mediterranean. He is working with them on planning their launch in North America
  • A top travel agent consortium. He performed a rigorous case study of a Tour Operator for them.

Event Planning & Management

Alistair has organized and shepherded spectacular and effective events, for travelers and travel professionals:

He specializes in organizing unique, once-in-a-lifetime journeys for a select group of travelers and captivating destination events for travel professionals. Some of these include:

  • He headed up the team at Orient-Express that created the Virtuoso Symposium at the Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg in Russia.
  • He is currently involved in helping plan and create a journey across the Silk Road for a senior high end membership organization.
  • He is working with an Environmental Foundation on developing trips for their key Donors.

Representation for Sales & Marketing

Alistair has served as an effective representative in several roles, using his unmatched global network and insight into the travel industry to cement a brand's presence.

Some of his currnet work in this capacity includes:

  • Last spring he became the North American representative for a family owned group of hotels in Cape Town and the Cape Winelands. His focus has been on introducing their properties to the key Tour Operators in North America.
  • He is working with Remote lands on their sales to the top Retail Travel Agents in North America and their sales and marketing strategy.

Product Development & Branding

Having spent years leading Sales & Marketing teams for some of the most respected names in the world of luxury travel, Alistair both created and strengthened some of the industry’s most prosperous and respected branding institutions:

  • While President of A&K, he initiated and lead the development of the Marco Polo Club, a frequent traveler program that continues to thrive today.
  • At Orient-Express, he conceived and developed the Bellini Club, a Travel Industry loyalty program that successfully cultivated stronger relationships with the Travel Agent community.
  • More currently, he is personally working with companies such as Rocksure and Remote Lands on their branding strategies.